Seeing Clearly / Cultivating Wisdom - July

07/25/2020 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM HT


Online Retreats


  • $20.00




A Half-Day Meditation retreat with Grahame White


Seeing Clearly - Cultivating Wisdom

Half-Day Retreat with Grahame White


Saturday, July 25th (Hawaii)



Sunday, July 26th 2020 (Sydney Australia)



Practicing Vipassana meditation is perhaps the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. Vipassana is concerned primarily with the cultivation of awareness and understanding. Awareness so that we can see our minds more clearly and Understanding so that we can know what is useful and what is not for experiencing a deep harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world.


Join meditation teacher, Grahame White for a virtual half-day insight and mindfulness meditation practice. This practice session will include guided periods in sitting and walking meditation practices. There will be time at the end to discuss strategies for the integration of mindfulness in daily life.


All periods will be offered via Zoom and a suggested practice schedule will be offered for the periods outside of the formal teaching.


Your fees are used to help support the organizational infrastructure of Vipassana Hawaii and the teachers receive no part of it. In accordance with tradition, the teachers of Vipassana Hawaii offer their Dhamma freely and are supported only by dana: freely-offered generosity from their students and supporters. There will be a time to offer dana after the retreat. Please consider supporting the ongoing viability of this way of life dedicated to the lineage to the best of your ability.

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